It’s been an urge that just wouldn’t go away, years’ worth of itches I’m finally scratching. I want to write, express myself, create. I’ve learned enough about myself to know that in order to do it, this website, I have to throw myself into the driver’s seat and try not to think too much. Otherwise it won’t get done and the hankering will continue to make itself known. The perfectionist tendencies I carry in the backseat work as good as a stop sign but I will overcome! So please, bear with me. Making up my mind is sometimes a ridiculously large obstacle but you will see some changes around here as I learn. I hope this won’t turn you away, seeing something new, a modification here or there. I have to get it out NOW and adjust as I go along otherwise the itch will become unbearable. More intolerable, I would be disappointed in myself.

A Potato Head toy put together in a mixed-up way, with four eyes, two sets of teeth and other unusual choices.

When Sonny created this beauty, he didn’t second-guess himself. It was so perfect it needed to be photographed.

Update:  I threw this out here and then spent weeks messing with the set-up, looking at applications, new models, “optimizing,” etc., and thus, sabotaged myself. I ended up with the site address not working and myself locked out. Typically me. I had gone from getting the word OUT to wanting to have things set up perfectly from the beginning. There’s that illusion of perfection showing up again. The unobtainable!  *scream*


What’s more important, the vehicle or the passenger? The vehicle is now up and running again.

I present the passenger, the traveler, a life.

The journey has begun.

Have you ever sabotaged yourself with perfectionist tendencies? How do you overcome the illusions and fight the fear? Share your story and help others!