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Discovering Elm Fruits

Hubby took me, as a side trip, to a place he found interesting for what it once had been. However, I was fascinated with the present and future that I found at my feet as I stepped out of the car. Literally at my feet—and under my feet—was a myriad of dry elm fruits, one of several kinds of winged seeds, samara, that capture my fancy. (OK, maybe I could actually count them but it would have been a difficult process. While now we most often use it to mean innumerable or an innumerable quantity of something, did you know that historically, the word myriad meant ten thousand?) I wish I had had a camera at the ready so I could have taken a photo of the bounty and the trees. I had not seen the seeds before and first and foremost, they reminded me of God’s creativity. As I walked along a path littered with hundreds, if not thousands—maybe a myriad or more—of these fruits, I thought of the intricacies of nature, the abundance, the smartness.

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