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Man Vs. Beast or Don’t Eat That Poo!

“No no no! Ich! Usch! Stop that! Blech!” While that reaction can fit many different scenarios,


Old Uncle Harry giving you a wet, sloppy kiss at the family reunion

“No no no! Ich! Usch! Stop that! Blech!”

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This morning before sunrise, while walking Sugarpants, I was blessed to see Venus, shining big and bright. So big that I thought maybe it was Jupiter but I investigated and—no. The night sky has always held my fascination and I could look at it for hours, if in a comfy position. It speaks to me: soul, mind and spirit. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the facts but enjoy the wonders for the response they evoke in me. Normally I might fight feeling small but in the case of viewing the heavens, it is actually comforting. In my opinion, it is a time when the word Awesome is actually used appropriately; it truly is awe-inspiring!!

I hope I see Venus again soon.

A Life: Do you ever wash your hands while you are in the bathroom at school?

Sonny: Only on Wednesdays.

“It must be a book because they are making it into a movie!”



How long has it been since you laughed out loud? Oh, we like to write lol but are we really Laughing Out Loud??

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Yesterday when I walked Snugglemuffins, I saw an amazing moon hovering in the treetops. As soon as we got home, I grabbed the camera and went back out. Too late.  Moonset.

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