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This morning before sunrise, while walking Sugarpants, I was blessed to see Venus, shining big and bright. So big that I thought maybe it was Jupiter but I investigated and—no. The night sky has always held my fascination and I could look at it for hours, if in a comfy position. It speaks to me: soul, mind and spirit. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the facts but enjoy the wonders for the response they evoke in me. Normally I might fight feeling small but in the case of viewing the heavens, it is actually comforting. In my opinion, it is a time when the word Awesome is actually used appropriately; it truly is awe-inspiring!!

I hope I see Venus again soon.

While my intention is to use my own words, photos, and videos throughout A Life Pictured, sometimes I like being able to find and use others’ work as well. This is a “Thank You!” to all those who clearly mark their media with the applicable license, whether Creative Commons, public domain, Unsplash or others. You sure make it easier for the rest of us. Much appreciated!

Discovering Elm Fruits

Hubby took me, as a side trip, to a place he found interesting for what it once had been. However, I was fascinated with the present and future that I found at my feet as I stepped out of the car. Literally at my feet—and under my feet—was a myriad of dry elm fruits, one of several kinds of winged seeds, samara, that capture my fancy. (OK, maybe I could actually count them but it would have been a difficult process. While now we most often use it to mean innumerable or an innumerable quantity of something, did you know that historically, the word myriad meant ten thousand?) I wish I had had a camera at the ready so I could have taken a photo of the bounty and the trees. I had not seen the seeds before and first and foremost, they reminded me of God’s creativity. As I walked along a path littered with hundreds, if not thousands—maybe a myriad or more—of these fruits, I thought of the intricacies of nature, the abundance, the smartness.

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Welcome to A Life Pictured!

It’s been an urge that just wouldn’t go away, years’ worth of itches I’m finally scratching. I want to write, express myself, create. I’ve learned enough about myself to know that in order to do it, this website, I have to throw myself into the driver’s seat and try not to think too much. Otherwise it won’t get done and the hankering will continue to make itself known. The perfectionist tendencies I carry in the backseat work as good as a stop sign but I will overcome! So please, bear with me. Making up my mind is sometimes a ridiculously large obstacle but you will see some changes around here as I learn. I hope this won’t turn you away, seeing something new, a modification here or there. I have to get it out NOW and adjust as I go along otherwise the itch will become unbearable. More intolerable, I would be disappointed in myself.

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