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This morning before sunrise, while walking Sugarpants, I was blessed to see Venus, shining big and bright. So big that I thought maybe it was Jupiter but I investigated and—no. The night sky has always held my fascination and I could look at it for hours, if in a comfy position. It speaks to me: soul, mind and spirit. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the facts but enjoy the wonders for the response they evoke in me. Normally I might fight feeling small but in the case of viewing the heavens, it is actually comforting. In my opinion, it is a time when the word Awesome is actually used appropriately; it truly is awe-inspiring!!

I hope I see Venus again soon.

While my intention is to use my own words, photos, and videos throughout A Life Pictured, sometimes I like being able to find and use others’ work as well. This is a “Thank You!” to all those who clearly mark their media with the applicable license, whether Creative Commons, public domain, Unsplash or others. You sure make it easier for the rest of us. Much appreciated!

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